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Toilet wall mount installation:

Wall-mounted toilets take up less space in your bathroom than traditional toilets do, which makes it easier to clean the floor. They are a stylish alternative to toilets that sit on the floor, but they are much more complicated to install. If you're installing a wall-mounted toilet, you will probably need someone to help you because the toilet is heavy and fragile.

The support hardware is bolted into your bathroom wall; it's time to install the toilet bowl on the support. You should be able to attach the bowl to the support with cap nuts and fiber washers to affix the tank to the bowl, install a large rubber gasket on the bottom of the tank, and then carefully lower the tank onto the bowl, making sure the gasket fits evenly into the bowl's water inlet opening. To secure the tank onto the bowl, put the tank mounting bolts through the mounting holes, and then secure the bolts with washers and nuts.